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Algae wars!

Hey, here is another algae question!

I am still finding small bits of cladophora here and there(I think that is
what it is anyway).  Not much, not even that often anymore, but here and
there.  Of course I aggressively rip it and any surrounding material out but
here is the question.

I am considering a complete redesign of the aquascape.  If I remove all
plants/driftwood and siphon out the top inch or so of gravel and all the
water (obviously there would be some residual water in the remaining gravel)
and then bleach/replace all plants before refilling and replanting, is that
enough?  Do I have to remove every last piece of Flourite and replace it and
bleach the tank and Eheim?  I would take my Eheim apart and rinse it but
hated to have to replace all my gravel (and of course reset my heater
cables).  I would like to reuse some of my plants that "appear" clean
(Christmas moss for example) but would like to eliminate this algae once and
for all.

FWIW, I plan to also raise my MH (250 watt over a 92 gallon) some so the
tank doesn't run quite so "racecar-like".  That is the theory anyway :)
Everything in this tank grows fast and furious and I thought this might take
everything down a notch.  The bulb (which is horizontal) is 8.5 inches from
the glass now and I can go up as much as 7 additional inches.  My stand/hood
is one giant piece of furniture.  I realize this may not have any effect at
all.  I have also let the glass get "dirty" with deposits to cut the light
somewhat.  The back corner (corner tank obviously) is open but the remaining
top of the tank has glass.