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Re: Compact Fluorescent -- Temp vs. Efficiency

Chuck wrote:

The article states that 38 degrees Celcius (100 F) is considered optimum
for typical CFL's.  A temp within 15 degrees C of optimum (~85 - 120 F) is
still giving you better than 90% efficiency, though it appears that warmer
is definitely better once you pass that range.  It is also stated that it's
the coldest spot on the bulb that determines the light output.  This makes
perfect sense, but I'd never really thought about it before.

Most people ignore this fact. T8s and T12s are designed to run best at 25
degrees C. and CFLs run best at 35 degress C. Before choosing to install
fans it is best to actually measure the ambient temperature inside the hood
to see if it is necessary or not. There are some CFLs that use amalgam
technology however that will work well over a much wider temperature range.
Note that it is not quite correct to use the word efficiency to describe
that chart. The lamp is not necessarily less efficient, it just produces
less light at lower temperatures.