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Hey Gang,

David Brown writes:
>>I need 2 more CO2 setups, and would like to save
some money.  Are the beer keg CO2 regulators on ebay
good for us?  There are a bunch of them.<<  

I know those regulators are probably "the right
price", David, but have you considered a manifold? If
your tank to be outfitted are close in proximity then
a manifold would save you even more than those cheapy
regulators, and make life a ton simpler. AquaBotanic
offers a *really* nice 4 way manifold. I'm not sure
how I got along without mine trying to run T's and all
that nonsense.

However, if your tanks aren't close together then shop
carefully for those regulators that you can't
physically look at, or find any info on before you
buy. I'm not a super expert on regulators, but I know
that, in this case, I'd rather be safe than sorry. You

Hope this helps,
John Wheeler 

David Brown>>

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