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Re: Jumpy Bugs

> Question: Few months ago I noticed, during maintenance,
> that some kind of small (very small - like a dot in the 12pt size text)
> bugs appearead on the water surface in my planted tank.
> They are grey in color, jump around and sit on the
> water surface and glass. It is very hard to look at them from
> close range - they just "disappear".
> The problem is they multiplied, and although I cannot
> see any ill effect of them living in my aquarium, I would
> like to get rid of them before they multiply too much.
> Anybody knows what these are?

Yup. They are probably "springtails." Try this link for
more information:


To rid yourself of springtails, I would think that some form of manual
removal would be best. Just what method to use? Why not take away "their
playground?" I would think that a reduction or elimination of surface scum
would greatly reduce their numbers, or removing any dead or dying leaves at
the surface. If you had a skimmer box on your tank, that might help.

Walter B. Klockers
Plano, TX