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Re: high light without fast growers

Daphne asks how to grow a tank with 2-3 species, perhaps more with high
light and no algae.
Well as you mention, there's less uptake, but you need to keep the levels
the same.
This means less frequent dosing.
CO2, NO3, PO4,K, Trace levels etc are all the same, no matter if you have
high or low light.

But the key is the ___frequency___ of your dosings.

As you get less and less light, you can rely more on the substrate and less
on the water column.............BUT it will help a great degree if the water
column is still maintained at these levels.
It's just not _absolutely_ necessary to add things nearly as much/at all the
lower light tanks.

But providing both sources of nutrients(just iron the sub) is the best
method whether you have low or high light.

You have a MH in which case you can raise it up higher, add filter to block
a % of the light etc. But I think the balance will do the trick and
adjusting to the plants you have and dosing frequency.
It take a little fiddling or more testing and less fiddling:-)

Tom Barr