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Re: More CO2/Trickle stuff

> Anyway, if I get that desperate for CO2 I'll just buy something a bit
> more expensive. I have the motto do it once, and do it well. So I'd
> rather go all out and get a pH monitor with celenoid and the works than
> get a manual system anyway.
> Cheers,
> Adam

Blimey. Oh well, something is going on there with the CO2 regulators, why
not try a welding shop? You folks must have to weld things?
I'd pass on the pH controller, you can get great results and less hassle imo
with a pH MONITOR and it'll save you 100-200$ or so.
As far as pumps and electrical stuff, yes, that will not work, but the CO2
gas stuff should. I'd try the welding places since the beer places came up a
big zero.
But as far as doing it right from the start, nothing is wiser.
I think a simpler system is often a better one. A needle valve, silicone
airline, a reg and a good reactor with a pump is all you need. The pH
monitor is great for 24hr display of pH which you adjust with the needle
valve and CO2 gas flow rate.
A well designed system should keep the pH within .2 pH units or less.
That's about all a pH controller can hope to do.
If anything goes wrong with a pH controller or probe, then the system can
potentially pump a ton of CO2 gas into your tank.
That will never happen unless you do it by adding more CO2 by turning the
needle valve way up. Less automation is not always bad. I touch my system
2-3 times a year for a few seconds. Generally, controllers are simply toys
and don't hurt or harm tanks etc except in rare cases, but I know of several
folks that had the above happen to them.
> Parroting or not, I'm open minded and
> would love to hear what's out there. Clearly you're a clever,
> experienced bloke and I appreciate your input.

Ah heck, I did not mean you personally here. Sorry if it felt that way. I
apologize. Kiwi's and Ozzies are great.

I was not referring to you or anyone in particular, we all do
My gripe is more one _in general_ at the lack of understanding and actually
knowledge specifically for planted aquariums. RO is needed,PO4 is bad, very
expensive CO2 systems, special lights etc.

Others on this list know this feeling.

We can email stuff all day long and get a few folks here and few folks there
on a decent path but I'm afraid it's going to take a book in most of those
LFS's and large chains to get folks on the right path.
Walstad's book has done this for non CO2 tanks but still, the book is not
widely distributed as it should be or as much as I wish it would be.
It needs a CO2 enriched tank counterpart. Folks take that book and try to
apply it very broadly to CO2 enriched system, this causes issues also.

I am not clever, I am bull headed, crotchety and stubborn. There's a
difference. I just don't give up. That makes up for my own lack of
intellect. Hopefully I'll cover most of the points so I make less mistakes.

Folks can come off as being abstract, "yes I know everything and I have a
Ph.D......." I think many folks are intimidated by that and they really
shouldn't be. It's a kind of reverse snobbery.
I can act like/am the big hick redneck and even enjoy myself doing it.
Some country folks are sharp as a whip.

Question folks and do not be intimidated ever simply because so and so has a
doctoral degree. The way I see it that is like a bright orange hunter's
target right on your chest. If something seems fuzzy I'm going to ask you to
see if makes sense or not. You should be able to support your position.
Common sense goes a long way. Academics doesn't change that part and being
honest with yourself.

You can questions books or LFS's etc. Don't stop there, go after your
government. Question everything. Try the idea or the method out, see for
yourself. See if capital punishment works in your aquarium if those fish
don't behave.
Some folks may even sue their fish in the USA:-) I know someone that might.

Folks want and expect absolution from science often. Many times pieces of
research are quoted out of context and broadened to generalize all plants or
all people. The research often is specific and the researcher is also
careful to point out that this _might_ occur only in _this situation_ with
this _one particular_ plant. If the person brings that up, it leaves
somewhat an opening for questioning(Oh dear not that!!!) and then folks
frustrated with disagreeing viewpoints within scientific circles decide to
draw conclusions that suit their views rather than a real critical analysis
of what is going on. They don't tell _the rest_ of the story.

This is happening in the USA with the effects of CO2 in the environment and
the USA is dogging the rest of the world on this and quite a few other
issues. Sad. 

It all starts with observations. "Why does this work when they say it
doesn't?" Does the public really support not trying to lower CO2 emissions
or is it an issue of corporate profits and greed?

Just ask the questions and have them be heard, I trust folks to answer those

Tom Barr

 who has a lot to say recently for some reason:-)