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Amano style aquascaping with a high light setup

After looking at some of the ADA winners, I have to ask.  How is it possible
to start up a high light tank or even change it over to one of the Amano
type tanks that have 3-5 varieties of plants and none of them, or virtually
none of them are stems?

The first place winner (pg 12 in the latest Aquatic Gardener) makes me want
to rip everything out of my tank and try one of those types of design, it is
so beautiful.  But how is it possible in a fairly high light (250 watt MH
over a 92 gallon) without major algae issues?

I have battled algae in this tank WITH lots of stems.  I even had a theory
last week that because stems grow so fast, they use up everything too fast
and then algae is able to start up and non-stems wouldn't be as hard.  I
didn't say it was a good theory you understand!

I know it is possible to have low-tech tanks that aren't such an algae
challenge (my daughter's low tech is fairly easy, she has the single strip
light that came with it) but what is the big secret with the higher light
ones and these non- or minimal stem tanks.

I am seriously considering trying to do something along the same lines as
that incredible, aforementioned design.  However, I am wondering if it is
even possible.  You can only stick so many algae eaters in a tank before
they are stacked so deep and thick, no light gets to the plants :)

Thanks as always.