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Re: In Praise of DrsFosterSmith.com

I have used them before and they were always ontime, quick, and always kept
you notified of product status. I also purchase from aquariumpros.com and
they are great too (not to mention killer prices).

>I haven't had the best luck recently with equipment, but 
>DrsFosterSmith.com made an otherwise disasterous month a whole lot 
>better. My Eheim 2026 was leaking and despite taking the whole thing 
>apart, lubing, etc. nothing worked. It's out of warranty, but I had 
>hoped DrsFosterSmith.com could help me find a way to contact Eheim. 
>If you've ever tried to find contact info for Eheim, you know my 
>frustration. Anyway, the customer service people at DrsFosterSmith 
>spent at least an hour with me on the phone trying to help. Thanks to 
>them and the Eheim service center, I fixed it. They went above and 
>beyond the call of duty. It's nice when things work out that way and 
>even nicer knowing that a retailer appreciates my business that much:)