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I wooden change a thing - unless I did it all different

Before I put the Ancistrus temminckii (a.k.a. Ancistrus
dolichopterus, Ancistrus cirrhosus, Chaetostomus
dolichopterus, Xenocara dolichoptera, Hypostomus
temminckii, Plecostomus aculeatus, Hypostomus schneideri,
Xenocara temminckii, Agnus, Brown Betty, smOck-smOck mouth,
wire smile catfish, wathchacallits, etc.) into my tank, the
driftwood had a certain characteristic dark appearance -- a
combination of biofilm, some algae, decaying lignin, a bit
of cellulose, no doubt.  Except where the cladophora
covered it; in those places it was green green green.

But not the wood always looks like I had just taken it out,
vigorously brushed it clean and polished it off with a soft

After yanking away (remember the movie "Yankers Away" with
Gene Kelly?) the worst of the cladophora, the rest has
basically disappeared slowly.  There's just a clump here
and there.  I think new clado growth is inhibited by the

The only bad part in all this:  the other day a friend came
over and looked at the tank and after a while pointed at
the cladophora and said, "That's nice, why don't you have
more of the soft green stuff on the driftwood."  My wife
added, "That's just what I told him."  And it was.

Some days, if my tank was deep enough, I'd just jump right
in and drown :-0

Scott H.

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