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Re: Aquascaping with rock

>I think folks find this part less complicated if they just have some
>_patience_ and try many different arrangements until they arrive at a combo
>that "feels good" to them.
I know it often helps to be very pragmatic when one can't
fully comprehend and/or understand all the details. For example: You
explained to me the details and inner workings of pigments when I said
I could make my plants red with UV(B) - I was pretty pragmatic to this,
because all I cared for was the tool that could make my plants red.

But this time it's the other way around. Aquascaping, art direction,
cityscaping, architecture, magazine design isn't done by people that
can afford to take the pragmatic way of doing things that "feels good"
to them.
They certainly do magic and wonderful things, but in almost every case
all "magic" is done with very precise tools and science and knowledge
of how and why things are considered beautiful and wonderful.

>Try nature instead. Much better for this.
>Go out somewhere you like, look around for some rocks etc. Look at the
>woods, forest etc, look at the outline of the hills etc.
>I've seem many similar views that Amano has done in his own tanks from
>examples while walking around out in nature.
To mimic natures way of scaping things by analyzing
proportions etc - sure thing.
To take a picture of nature and do exactly the same scene
in my tank in my livingroom - no thanks, I know how to
frame pictures.

>One thing I like and like to encourage is the use of rock but try slanting
>tall piece out at a 20-45 degree angle rather than simply straight up.
>Adding others at different angles can give some very nice effects.
Once again the pragmatic way: "Do like this and you will probably get
red plants, or a nice aquascape or whatever".

To really understand why the angle of the stone should be 20-45
degrees - that's the cool part. I want to understand why of why it also
looks so incredible good when the main stone is placed
0,618 * aquarium length from the left or right and also creates a line
of sight that ends in the exact middle of the aquarium.

I think it would be easier to create a really bad ass Aquascape
if one could go out and look for "nice" scenes and also try to
understand and analyze why I think the scene is "nice", and also
have an idea if other people would consider this scene to be "nice".

Daniel Larsson aka defdac