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Re: Reseeding substrate

> Subject: Reseeding substrate
> I have been growing all kinds of root feeders in there for years. I grow them
> out a bit and then put them in my show tank in which I use laterite. This has
> resulted in tremendous turnover for this little tank. I even grow out plants
> for other fish keepers and then take them back when they are looking scraggly
> and 'fix' them up. At last my question, as this was my first soil tank, how
> long does it take before the soil is no longer fertile enough to handle the
> heavy demands of root feeders? I thought that I would have to reseed the
> substrate at some point but did not really know when that would be.
> Any and all information would be appreciated.
> Paul Gray  

A feller from New Zealand gave this suggestion you might consider:

You cam try getting some soupy wet soil and putting it in ice cube trays and
freezing it. Then take these soil cubes and push them beneath plants etc to
recharge things.

Soil tanks will wear out if productive over time. If you have high enough
fish load, their waste will extend the life of the substrate some.
I use flourite just like folks use soil and the results were great actually.
I did add more peat than I would for a CO2 tank and a good bit of mulm from
another tank. But I've never had an issues except great looking tank using
it and no soil mess.

It's hard to know when etc things are not doing well what is happening but
nutrient(s) being removed too fast and getting the tank out of balance is
always the cause. NO3, PO4, K or traces etc Non CO2 tanks are more subtle

Tom Barr