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Re: HELP! Sudden SAE death!

Too much Potassium ?


| Date: Tue, 17 Sep 2002 03:10:23 -0400
| From: Amy <amyh at attbi_com>
| Subject: HELP! Sudden SAE death!
| Hi all,
| What could cause previously healthy SAEs to die suddenly? As in a matter 
| of hours?
| What's happening:
| I (used to) have five SAEs in a heavily planted 125-gallon tank with a 
| UV sterilizer. These guys are three years old, fat, healthy, bright, and 
| 3-4 inches long. They stay very busy doing their SAE thing. No signs of 
| illness.
| Friday morning I wake up and one is dead. The night before he was 
| healthy, swimming well, etc.
| I do tests. pH is normal (6.6-6.8), no nitrate, no ammonia. Noontime 
| oxygen is good. Because I've been concerned about nighttime oxygen, I 
| install an airstone for those hours, just in case.
| Things appear to be normal until Monday night, when I watched one, who 
| was previously healthy, roll over on his back and die. No warning. Just 
| dead, almost within a matter of minutes.
| There are only three clues:
| 1) A pH spike Monday night to about 7.2
| 2) Added 7 rummy nose early last week. Lost one or two.
| 3) The four dubawi cats are looking peaked. They'll lie on the bottom as 
| if about to die, then return to normal a few hours later.
| What is going on? Some kind of catfish plague? All the delicate 
| cardinals and rummy-noses are fine. The CAE and clown loach are fine. 
| The three shrimp are fine. A sick, ancient bleeding heart left over from 
| another tank in another era refuses to die. The three or four neons with 
| neon tetra disease keep hanging on.
| I've added nothing but fish food, the rummy noses, and two five-gallon 
| buckets of water in the past week. No chemicals, no fertilizers. The 
| last 1/2-tank water change was about two months ago (the plants hate it).
| I need as many opinions as I can get on this, so fire away. I'm afraid 
| this isn't over.
| Thanks.
| - -- 
| Amy
| amyh at attbi_com