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Re: Correction: UV-B, Anthocyanins -- or - How long can you wave?

Wright Huntley said, in part:

> Deeper 
> water gets blue because water absorbs very slightly more
> in the red end 
> of the spectrum. There is little direct relationship,
> here, between 
> energy and absorption.

A further thought on color:

The only difference between red photons and blue photons is
the energy level and the only reflection of that (sorry for
the pun) is the wavelength (and vice versa, if you like). 
I.e., the only expression of energy level for photons is
the wavelength, and other than that, they are all the same
critter.  So wavelength must have something pretty direct
to do with what color of light is absorbed or scattered by
various amounts of water.

When you are a photon, there isn't much to life but
wavelength, not even if you go to *mass* and pray ;-)

Scott H.

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