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Fish Pub BYOB

I came home Monday evening after work and noticed that my tank seemed a bit
cloudy.  After doing some research on the web I concluded that I must have a
bacterial bloom.  Recommended treatment: regular partial water changes and
time.  So, I pulled out my trusty siphon and got to work.  The next day it
hadn't gotten any better.  In fact it looked worse.  The next day it was
worse yet.  After another partial water change I noticed that my filter was
not moving any water at the top.  I pulled out the filter and saw that it
was completely clogged with white gunk.  As I was examining everything else
behind the tank, I noticed something odd about my CO2 line.  There was white
stuff bubbling upwards.  When I looked under my desk, I noticed that my CO2
bottle had been knocked over ... apparently the doings of one of my highly
overactive and obviously jealous felines.
So now I have a bubbly substrate as my aquarium itself is producing CO2.  I
guess what I'm wondering is how tolerant fish are to this environment.  I
have 2 gold barbs, 5 neons and a small pl*co.  I'm afraid that trying to net
them to quarantine them is going to be next to impossible since I can't see
through the tank.  It's challenging enough when you CAN see them.  Has
anyone else had this happen?  Do I have drunk fish now?

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