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Re:> : JoAnn VanDersarl <jmarella at attbi_com>
> Subject: Compact Flourescent Bulb and Ballast Life?
> Can anyone comment on ballasts and/or your experience with JBJ 
lights? I've tried to contact JBJ about various problems with my 
lights several times lately and they don't seem to answer email 

   JoAnn, if you're in southern Cal, you can go to a JBJ distribution 
facility in an industrial mall in Gardena.  I went there and they fixed me 
   I blew my lights up upon arrival because of their stupid color coding of 
wires, and poor instructions.  Who knew that the two whites went to one bulb 
and the two coloreds to the other?   I've worked with electronics all my life 
and never saw such a thing.  Usually the different colors are for positive 
and negative, not bulb one vs. bulb two. 

David S. Brown            

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