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How to clean a long filter hose

Hello everyone, 

Cavan, this is how I clean my long filter hose. Pour some diluted bleach
solution into the hose. Keep the solution in the hose overnight. You can
do so by tying the ends of the hose togethere and hanging this "loop". 
The next day pour away the bleach. Next, to loosen more dirt, kink the
hose to get a V shape. Make sure you kink it at a really acute angle
such that the 2 legs of the V are almost parallel to each other. Move
the kink throughout the length of the hose by moving the 2 legs of the
hose in opposite directions.(You get what I mean?) finally give the hose
a good rinse to get rid of the bleach and dirt. 

Hope this helps. 

Wayne Wah from Singapore   

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