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Re: Discus

> Can the people with planted Discus tanks , tell us what they use in there
> tanks
> As in if they use any additives with RO water , what fertilizers you use ,
> what temp , hardness , nitrate ppm ,ph,
> do you use peat. etc.
> Thanking you
> Dean & Melissa (outback OZ)

You'll find a ton of info on this topic in the archives.
I've always used tap water with them, fert's temps about 82F or so, NO3, PO4
etc dictated by plant's needs. pH function of KH for good CO2 levels.
Most folks try for a KH of about 3-5 depending on their source tap water and
willingness to add baking soda etc or not. Some folks feel higher temps are
better but they do breed at 82F and at KH of 5. NO3=5-10ppm as general
target for NO3's for plants. Fert's: KH2PO4, KNO3, K2SO4 and trace mix.
Flourite makes the best substrate. GH can be at or above 3 and has little
impact on most all plants if higher. No peat except a tad in the bottom
layer of the substrate, pH is dictated by what KH you have if you add CO2
gas(see www.krib.com under pH/KH/CO2 table and explanation for more info).
You'll need to read up on CO2/KH and pH more.
As a general rule for all fish health etc: plenty of room for them, good
stock & good food and variety. Healthy plants= healthy fish. I have not use
any medications for 15 years now. Have not needed to.
One fellar has them breeding in a plant tank that has not had a water change
in two years. 
Tom Barr