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RE: Re: Least Visible Pump for Planted 10gal?

Chuck said:

Just in case you do upscale sometime, the smallest and most
pump I've come across is the Micro-Jet from Aquarium
Systems.  There's two 
models, the 320 and the 450.  According to my
eyeball-o-meter, dimensions 
are approximately 1.75" x 1.5" x 0.75" for both
models.  Flow rate is 
adjustable (3 discrete settings) and they're surprisingly
strong for their 
size.  I don't remember exact numbers, but max flow is over
70gph for the 
320 and over 100gph for the 450.  Unfortunately, the pumps
don't come with 
nifty accessories, but they do at least have quality
suction cups that hold 
up very well in an acid pH.  The outlet is tubing

These indeed are among the smallest pumps you can buy.  The
problem I had with them is the vanes on the impeller break
off too easily.  If you never run them dry nor handle the
impeller "roughly," you probably won't have a

Aq. Sys is the only power company I know of that doesn't
insist that you *do not* use a wave (on-off cycler) maker,
with their powerheads.  They do sell a wave maker of their
own that works by cycling any attached powerhead on/off.

The larger size powerheads can be run outside of the
aquarium; they do not need to be run submerged.

But the micro disappointed me.

Scott H.

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