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Re: Microscopes and computer images or Intel.Play

> >QX3, with CD rom.  It costs about $90.00 and for

Some additional information....

Here are.2 inexpensive sources for a new QX3+:

www.thenerds.net ($27.45 USD + shipping)  100 in stock

www.cruxworks.com ($28.92 USD + shipping) 75 in stock - oops make that 74
since I just ordered one :-)

If you can, get the QX3+ (PLUS) as it's the newer model, and has enhanced
software, a slide clip, and will install with Windows 2000.  If you get the
QX3 (no PLUS (+)) you may have to download additional software from the
Intel site to get it to work on Windows 2000.  Windows XP may or may not be
supported by the CD for the PLUS version depending on when it was made, but
a download is available from Intel.  The product was discontinued March 29,
2002.  Intel will provide warranty support (1 year)  for any bought after
this date. Since the product was discontinued, most sites selling it will
not take returns.  Intel still sells parts for it, but they don't say how
long they will continue to do so.  Interactive support (email, phone) will
be discontinued on September 3, 2003.

Terry S.