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Re: Microscopes and computer images or Intel.Play

Don't forget, folks, in the less than $50 price range we're
talking about for the QX3+, cheaper isn';t always less

The deep discount sites often cost more when you add in the
$5 or $20 for handling plus $10 or $20 for shipping.  The
$27 dollar purchase can cost you $60 while the $40 purchase
costs you $45.

At these prices, and with a warranty, who cares about
replacement parts?  The labor, even your own, is bound to
be worth more more than the whole item is worth ;-)

BTW, with the ban on watering, there is not feeding the
lawn.  Has it stopped growing?  Just like algae, there's
stuff that survives if not thrives during harsh conditions.
Nutsedge anyone?  I have copious amounts to send for cost
of spading and shipping ;-)

Scott H.
whose daughters can't wait to see microscopic things and
whose lawn can't wait for a drink.

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