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Regarding "Why does E. tenellus belong to the Sword Family?

It is placed there by its flowers.   The physical form of any plant is only 
placed in its "name" if it is a strong characteristic, and then only in a 
species.   With DNA analysis and comparison now available some plants are 
"moved" about, but the basic Genus is still in the Flower, not any other 
characteristic of the plant.   For example, look at the Orchid family and the 
Legume family - both families have individual plants as small as almost 
microscopic, and as large as huge trees - but all linked by the FLOWERS.     
The botanists are having lots of "fun" arguing with each other, but for now - 
- - we stick with the FLOWER as the determinate of family and genus and 

Ain't Aquatic Plants fun?   


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