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Algae from Daphne

The sample I received was contaminated by a few small pieces of substrate 
to which the material was firmly attached.  There was also present some 
highly multicellular matter, generally photosynthetic, with cells about 
30x60u and formed into branched tubular structures with a diameter of about 
600u gently squashed and substantial length (several mm).  There appeared 
to be chloroplasts in this material.

The algae itself was filamentous, with a 60u diameter and a few mm 
long.  There were septa dividing the filaments several hundred u 
apart.   There were numerous chloroplasts.    There were also rectangular 
plate-like structures that were segmented perpendicular to the largest 
dimension rather like pieces of a candy bar.  These plates were about 
30-40u wide and as long as was dictated by the number of segments (3-6, 
generally), about 15u per segment.

Half the filaments had a smooth surface, the other half had hair-like 
structures extending from them.  These were about 10ux50u.  They were 
either spaced about 20-80u apart and brown or very densely packed and 
green.  There may have been two different algae in the sample.  The brown 
hairs sometimes had a 1x10u stalk attaching them to the filament.

I searched Dillard for a matching pic but did not find one.  Is there a 
resident phycologist who can take a shot from this description?

Dave Gomberg, San Francisco   NE5EE     gomberg at wcf dot com
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