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Re: Name that sword


I'm not sure where the compacta sword comes into this discussion; I have 3 
compacta swords (which I got from you) and they are nothing like the plant I 
asked about. They look more like "regular" sword plants, only smaller, and 
as of yet are not sending runners all over the tank to reporduce.

I also didn't want to start a debate; I remember the previous discussions 
but if I recall correctly they did not come with pictures. It's hard for me 
to translate "like this, but shorter" or "like that, but with narrower 
leaves" when all I have are these plants.

I also have some E. ten "red" which I got from you, and it stays short - 
maybe 3" max? Are you saying that it is the micro tenellus, or is it 
something else?


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