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Re: Describing E. Tentative & Drawing Swords

Seems like a great many aquatic plants, like tropical fish, have gone
by (and still go by) more than one name (latin or otherwise).  And to
complicate matters, there are various strains, subspecies, hybrids,
sometimes going by the same names as each other.  And on top of that,
living things behave somewhat differently in different environments. 
What grows 20" in your tank never gets enough of what it takes to
grow that high in my tank or vice versa.

So given all of that, it's nice to know what a particular plant does in
a particular person's tank.  Sometimes anecdotal data is the best we
have.  It's nice to have broader, more generalized information, which
is usually harder to get -- certainly harder to verify.

So without drawing a sword, I'd like to say that I am happy to hear
what people know or have learned (which isn't necessarily the same
thing ;-)  ) about plants, even it's been said before.  And if it has
been said before, saying *that* is helpful, too, especially to the
newer folks that have just recently tuned in to APD.  I don't even mind
if it starts a debate, so long as it's civilized :-)

Scott H.

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