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Re: Name that sword

 >>Every E. tenellus I've ever owned has grown at least that tall, usually
taller. If you want a short sword, try E. parviflorus, or E. robustus (aka
E. compacta). See www.azgardens.com for pics. What's that plant with the
oval-shaped leaves?<<

I am not going to get into the tenellus debate again...but the compacta
sword is not suitable as a foreground plant. It was developed to have a
wider girth than height. It can have 20 to 30 leaves at maturity and still
reach heights of 15 plus inches. E parvaflorus var tropica is the miniature
sword. The regular parvaflorus is called the "Black Amazon" and can get over
20" tall.

There appears to be different forms of E tenellus. Those grown by Florida
Aquatic Nurseries can get 6 plus inches. The "micro tenellus" from asia has
thinner leaves and stays shorter. Look in the archives for more detailed
info, it has been discussed to death

Robert Paul Hudson