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Re: pH Monitor Tips -- What? No Probing Puns?

Gil (gillmannsf at cswebmail_com) said, in part:

> . . . Today's monitors and probes have a
> temperature sensor included in the probe and the
> correction is done automatically, which is why we don't
> need to worry about this factor.

Wonder why the calibration fluids are marked for temperature.  They
were made for old (type) probes?  They are old fluids? . . .

> They should be
> cleaned regularly, though. (Once a month?) 

That's what my instructions said.

> This is done
> by soaking the probe tip in pH 4.0 buffer for about 30
> minutes. . . 

Not what my instructions said.  Mine said gently glean with and only
with a long bristled toothbrush -- push the end fo the probe straight
into the ends of the bristeles and turn 3 or 4 times.

> I hope this helps demystify monitors and controllers.

Well, it demystified the monitors and controllers, but now I have a few
questions about the instructions ;-)
> The little packets of calibration fluid are the same as
> those in the bottles.  The packets, though, are
> generally a one time use, 

The Pinpoint packets have enough in there to easily submerged the probe
end and that's about all.  I would count on using a packet for just one
calibration.  You can dip right into the packets and successfully

> while the fluid in the
> bottles can be used for multiple tests.  

You probably don't want to put the probe right into the bottle -- best
to pour bit out into a clean container, no?  So you don't actually
*re*use the fluid but it's still cheaper to buy in "bulk."

Scott H

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