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Re: pH Monitor Tips

On the query for temperature correction:

Old monitors used to have a temperature probe along
with the pH probe that was used to correct for
temperature.  Today's monitors and probes have a
temperature sensor included in the probe and the
correction is done automatically, which is why we don't
need to worry about this factor.

As for longevity of probe:

These probes can last a year or two and probably more
if they are regularly maintained.  They should be
cleaned regularly, though. (Once a month?) This is done
by soaking the probe tip in pH 4.0 buffer for about 30
minutes.  You can do this while doing a water change,
prunning, etc.  I like to use a Q-tip to gently clean
the glass tip.

As for calibration:

Once a month re-cal sounds right.  I like to dip my
probe in pH 7.0 buffer while I'm doing a water change;
one, to keep the tip wet and, two, to check the "zero"
calibration.  As long as it is within 0.02-0.04 pH
units, I won't fuss with adjusting the pots to obtain
an exact value.

I hope this helps demystify monitors and controllers.


The little packets of calibration fluid are the same as
those in the bottles.  The packets, though, are
generally a one time use, while the fluid in the
bottles can be used for multiple tests.

talked to American Marine by phone and they said to
calibrate every month.  One question though: Do I have
to use those little packets every time or can I use
the little bottles of calibration fluid sold by
Coralife and so on?  The latter seems more economical.

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