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I need a plant sitter

Hello everyone,
I have been a member of the list for some time, but usually just lurk in
the background.  I have a bit of an unusual problem.  I currently live
in northern Utah (Logan) but I have just accepted a new position in
Texas (Dallas).  My aquatic plant collection consists of approximately
300 gallons of aquariums consisting of:

Aponogeton madagascarensis (~10-12 plants)
Aponogeton crispus (~3-4 plants)
Aponogeton rigidifolius (~5-6 plants)
Echinodorus amazonicus (~2-3 plants)
Cryptocoryne wenditii var. red (~100's of plants)
Cryptocoryne wenditii var. green (~6-8 plants)
Pygmy chain swards (~100's of plants)
Anubias barterii (~6-8 plants)
Anubias nana (~25 plants)
Nymphaea lotus var. red (1 plant)

Specifically what I am looking for is temporary "babysitter" for my
plants.  More specifically I would like to mail my plants to someone who
could look after them for about a month while I get settled in my new
house.  Then I could retrieve my plants and set them back up in my new
home.  I would be more than happy to share any of my plants with
whomever could volunteer to help me.  The only problem I foresee is that
anybody who could help me would have to set up one or more large
temporary aquariums to accommodate my plants.

If, there are any members out there in the Dallas area who could help
me, I would be eternally grateful.