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Re: Eheim Time -- Ahem Amen.

Jerry Baker said:
> Following German pronunciation rules it should be pronounced ee-hime.
> Vowels are usually long if they are followed by a single consonant,
> and 
> "ei" is always pronounced "eye".

Hoping I don't *weigh* in too late, I'll add these thoughts:  You can
never be too sure about "ei" and "ie;" they're as slippery as dipthongs
get.  The Spanish speaking folks eschew them entirely!  Even in
English, which derives from an earlier Germanic, the "i-before-e" rule
has exceptions.  And consider this.  A surname ending in "stein" is
pronounced stine unless the heritage is from Russia, win which case
it's pronounced steen.  No, "stein" isn't an originally Russian name,
but the Jews that went long ago to Russia used "stein" for steen. 

It's all rather loose but good fun, which led (I think) G.B. Shaw  note
that you ought properly to spell "fish" in English "goti"  ( "g" as in
"laugh," "o" as in "women," and "ti" and "dictionary."

And goti live in planted tanks.  And you thought this had nothing to
with things *on-topic.*    ;-)

Scott H.
with 2 "t"s just so there's no doubt about the sound.

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