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Re: vortex reactor

>>How does the vortex reactor work (technically)? What causes the water to
swirl? Does the co2 enriched water exit through the foam? Is the bottom of
the reactor bell open or something? I was looking at the one for sale on
Aqua Botanic. <<

A small Rio pump is attached to the side of the reactor which pumps water
into the chamber creating a vortex type of flow pumping the enriched water
through the bottom. The sponge catches any large CO2 bubbles. It was
designed this way to be able to provide a much smaller footprint, (less room
to take up inside the aquarium) so that it may be used in small aquariums
where a normal sized reactor would be too big, but still offer the superior
CO2 absorbtion that a reactor offers. I suppose you could just as easily use
this in a larger aquarium. The Plantguild power reactor that I also sell is
for larger aquariums and has a Rio pump on the top of the unit. the whole
reactor is about 7" long, as opposed to the vortex which is only 4" long.

As with any type of submersed pump or powerhead, the intake can get blocked
with bits of leaf or anything floating in the water. Just check it
peridically and free any matter blocking the intake.

Robert Paul Hudson
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