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Re: Vortex reactors

Hey gang!

Travis asked:
>>How does the vortex reactor work (technically)? What
causes the water to swirl?<<

Simple. The pump shoots a jet of water into the
plastic chamber where CO2 is being pumped in. The
water consequently "swirls". It's a great, simple

>>Does the co2 enriched water exit through the foam?
Is the bottom of the reactor bell open or something?<<

Yes. There are slots in the bottom. You've got it.

>>I was looking at the one for sale on Aqua Botanic.
I'm getting tired of the bubble noise going through my

There is a detailed breakdown/description on the
Forida Driftwood WEB page. Thats where I saw it.
Robert sells it cheaper, though. 

FYI, the components of this doo-hickey are easily
obtainable and would be a relatively simple DIY
project. I figure about $20-25 US including shipping.
BUT the vortex, as is, is very nice for smaller tanks,
and is really very reasonably priced with the
warranty, and premade parts.

>>I was thinking that maybe adding one of those narrow
airstones (the little white ones that are about 2"
long and 3/16" dia) at the end of my line so that
smaller bubbles get sucked up into canister. Maybe the
smaller bubbles will pass more freely through

I found my Fluval 103 to be very noisy when injecting
CO2 no matter what I tried. On smaller tanks I
switched to Aquaclears, and HOT Magnums for medium
sized tanks. I don't have any experience with the new
Fluval, though, YMMV.

Hope this helps,
John Wheeler

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