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Re: where're all the great LFSs

 I want to know where are all the places that support this hobby and keep
all of you/us interested. Share the wealth. There's been discussion here on
the criteria we set for a good LFS, so where are they?!

Probably the greatest store I've ever been in is World of Fish in
Minneapolis, all the staff there are aquarium hobbyists and very
knowledgeable when it comes to many different aspects of the hobby. They are
fast to wait on you and take an interest in what you are interested in. If
you've ever been in a store where the employees get a running head start
away from you, you'll appreciate this store. The atmosphere is magical, it
is built with a lot of wood and has a very tropical feel to it. All the fish
tanks are filled with plants as well as a separate large selection of
plants. Discounts and a club membership is available as well. Whenever I go
there I feel like I am visiting friends. Their address is 1516 E. 66th St.
Minneapolis Minnesota 55423, Ph: 612-866-2026 and website is
www.worldoffish.com. Truly one of a kind! Don M.