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Re: Calculate CO2

Chuck H quoted Greger then responded:

> Greger Lindstand wrote:
> >Hi!
> >I have forgotten how to calculate the CO2 concentration in the tank.
> >Think it was something with GH or KH and the PH value.
> >Can someone help with the formula?
> >Which is the "ideal" level of CO2 in a planted tank?
> Hi, Greger.  The formula is:
>          CO2 = 3 x KH x 10^(7 - pH)
> CO2 is in mg/L.

I believe Roger Miller has an alternative formula:

   CO2 = 12.839 *KH * 10^(6.37-pH)

The resulting values are nearly the same as the "3 * KH * 10^(7-pH).

Roger, if you're listening, care to comment (or correct?)

Scott H.

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