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re: CO2 canister refills

Date: Thu, 27 Jun 2002 14:06:23 -0700
From: J & D Olberding <jdolb1 at attbi_com>
Subject: CO2 canister refills

Interested in others experience/opinions of actual risk of damage to
regulator and/or needle valves by getting contaminated "exchange" canister
rather than having one's own filled. I had been getting mine refilled to
avoid risk to my system, especially since I run 12 + tanks off one canister
- --lot of needle valves to have to replace. Recently I am getting lot of
resistance by gas co to fill while I wait or even on the same day.

I wouldn't worry about this at all. I think the chances of this are slim to 
none. I have been swapping out 20# tanks with a local welding supply company 
for three years without a single problem. I own three separate 20# tanks (3 
planted tanks).

A big benefit to swapping out cylinders is that you are getting tanks that 
have been hydrotested on a regular basis if the gas company is operating 
within the law.

If you always use your own tank, then you do not get this additional safety 
benefit unlesss you have your tank tested by someone (for a fee).


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