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Re: CO2 canister refills

At 03:48 AM 6/28/02 -0400, JuneO wrote:
>Interested in others experience/opinions of actual risk of damage to
>regulator and/or needle valves by getting contaminated "exchange" canister
>rather than having one's own filled. I had been getting mine refilled to
>avoid risk to my system, especially since I run 12 + tanks off one canister
>- --lot of needle valves to have to replace. Recently I am getting lot of
>resistance by gas co to fill while I wait or even on the same day.

June, they make food with this stuff.   I am sure the tanks are quite clean 
(at least on the inside).  The liability for contaminating a food product 
would be mind-boggling.

Dave Gomberg, San Francisco   NE5EE     gomberg at wcf dot com
http://www.wcf.com/co2iron for low cost CO2 systems that work!

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