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Re: Rena canister (vs Eheim)

Joe Reiter said, in part:

> The 2028/2128 cranked all the way up pretty much 
> created a tornado in my tank, but I was able to crank it down a 
> reasonable flow rate.  I also had to do some trimming of the spray
> bar 
> and intake pipe, as they were too long to fit in my tank.  :)
> This is my first Eheim, and I must say that it's a wonderful piece of
> engineering.   So even if a 2026 is too
> large 
> for your tank, you might want to consider one anyway.  :)

Not bad counsel and I was very tempted, based on the convenience and
quality alone.  But two things steer me away from this, it's not my
tank but a friend's and while I could justify the exense to myself, I
can't really justify it to my friend.  Second, and less important, it
would put another ten or so watts of heat into the tank that isn't and
that extra heat is there to provide the water flow that I would have to
throttle way way back.  I agree that the Pro II series is an
outstanding canister filter -- espeicially with the built in priming
pump -- no whimpy plunger there!  If they made a model about 2/3 the
size and half the flow of the 2026 (the 2024), that would be a great
little canister for lots of small tanks.  The Ecco seemed to come
closest to that, albeit a poor cousin to the 21xx/20xx series.

Scott H.

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