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Re: Rena canister (vs Eheim)

> Date: Thu, 27 Jun 2002 03:26:13 -0700 (PDT)
> From: "S. Hieber" <shieber at yahoo_com>
> Subject: Rena Canister -- Oops
> After seeing an Ecco and seeing this, I kinda wish I bought the Ecco,
> at least it had a priming pump.
> What I really wish is that Eheim made a smaller version of the Pro II
> (2026, 2028).
> Experiences, comments, criticisms, corrections are welcome.
> Scott H.

I recently picked up an Eheim 2128 since I got a very good deal on it. 
(And it included a complete batch of Eheim bio and mechanical media... 
icing on the cake.)  It's obviously oversized for my 55 gallon tank, but 
I couldn't pass up the deal.  Thankfully this series of filters has flow 
rate adjustment.  The 2028/2128 cranked all the way up pretty much 
created a tornado in my tank, but I was able to crank it down a 
reasonable flow rate.  I also had to do some trimming of the spray bar 
and intake pipe, as they were too long to fit in my tank.  :)

This is my first Eheim, and I must say that it's a wonderful piece of 
engineering.  Compared to the Fluval 304 I was previously using, this 
Eheim is amazing.  The auto-priming feature, build quality, and just 
about everything else is definitely a step higher on the ladder than my 
Fluval.  (And it's very nice to have the built-in heater on the 2128 
model... one less piece of equipment to have hanging in my tank.)

But any how, the canister fits under my enclosed tank stand just fine, 
it's totally silent, and with the flow rate adjustment it works great. 
Plus, with such a large filter on a smaller tank, I shouldn't have to do 
quite so much maintenance on the filter.  So even if a 2026 is too large 
for your tank, you might want to consider one anyway.  :)