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Re: ICeCap/Fulham

Ed's message stated:

> Fulham.com has a list of dealers. I was able to get them localy (the
> workhorse 5) for $20.

I use the Workhorse 7 to overdrive two standard 40 watt tubes each, and
have found great success with them. If I use cheap daylight tubes (6700
K), I usually replace them every 3-4 months because they fade a bit, but
at $3.00 Cnd. each, it doesn't hurt much. I am also overdriving two
10,000 K bulbs from Coralife, and they seem to have a greater intensity
of light than the overdriven daylight tubes, even after a year of

I get my Workhorse Ballasts from a lighting store, but I doubt it would
help anyone on the APD much, because I live in Canada. You can contact
Fulham on the net at www.fulham.com and they have a list of local
dealers on their site.


The ballast that is sold at Home Depot for 4 32 watt T8s appears to do
exactly the same thing as a Workhorse 5. The wiring is the same the
current and wattage are the same. If you could not run 2 55 watt lamps
off of that ballasts and have the same results I would be extremely
suprised. If you could not run a 96 watt lamp off of 3 outputs from the
Home Depot ballast I would again be very suprised. Basically I think if
you buy the Philips ballast at Home Depot  you are buying a Workhorse 5
ballast clone. The same is likely true of a Workhorse 7 and some other
ballast such as one intended for 2 F96 T12HO lamps. That ballast does
not have the same number of outputs but again I bet it will work just
fine to drive 2 96 watt PCs or in your case 2 F40s. All these ballasts
are very common items and can be bought just about anywhere. The 4 32
watt lamp ballast is especially common and inexpensive.