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Re: IceCap/Fulham

Wayne Jones said, in part:

> The ballast that is sold at Home Depot for 4 32 watt T8s appears to
> do
> exactly the same thing as a Workhorse 5. The wiring is the same the
> current and wattage are the same. If you could not run 2 55 watt
> lamps
> off of that ballasts and have the same results I would be extremely
> suprised. If you could not run a 96 watt lamp off of 3 outputs from
> the
> Home Depot ballast I would again be very suprised. Basically I think
> if
> you buy the Philips ballast at Home Depot  you are buying a Workhorse
> 5
> ballast clone. 

Home Depot stock varies widely from store to store (it ain't like
MacDonalds, which has the same group of burgers (for better or worse)
at thousands of locations.  But I assume you're referring to a high
frequency 4x32 ballast.  Rapid start or energy saving rapid start.

Flourescents are extremely tolerant of how much current they are given,
so long as they get (literally) hot enough to arc, enough voltage
across the electrodes to initiate and support an arc, and the tungsten
filaments don't burn out unacceptably fast.

> The same is likely true of a Workhorse 7 and some

Yes, with the right selection of ballast wires -- the 7 passes nearly
twice the juice of the 5 (220 watts max vs 128 watts max, including 3-
watts or so for the ballast itself).  If you check out Fulham's wiring
diagrams, you'l find that they don't simply say, each (red) wire is x
amount of watts and you can add them up by joining them.  Sometimes
that appears to be the case and sometimes not.  They actually suggest
different ballasts/wiring configurations for different brands of biax
bulbs rated for the same wattage.  Check out different combos of 36 or
55 watt bulbs.

Scott H.

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