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Re: donut/dry land tanks etc

Okay I'll try to explain a neat looking tank.

I cannot do it justice verbally.


>Anyone have pictures of such a setup?

No, but it's just an idea and it's been done 25 years ago, All Glass made the
tank I saw at the Fish Gallery in Bloomington IN where I use to work. Someone
may have a photo but I know of no generally available pic.

It was 4ft x 4 ft and had a nice center terrarium in the middle.

Semper Fi:

>Tom bought this subject up.  Matter of fact they >have this very item on 

>sale at PetCo right now.

Well there ya go.

You can make your own also with a small 10 to 15 gallon tank and some of those

small betta style tanks glued to the bottom.


>Honestly, I fail (utterly and miserably) to >understand *why* someone would
want to do that.

Guess you have to see it in person.

I think for myself, a few things come to mind. It's different.I can add some
crypts that require emergent growth, Discus folks and others that like long
runs for their fish to continuely run around the tank would like it, good idea

for higher current tanks with less flow needed.

One idea that I really like is to have the over flow go into the "dry" tank
like a water fall  making it a paludarium and have that type of set up all in
one single display.
A number of geometric variations can be designed that could have 1/2
paludarium, 1/2 regular deep planted tank etc. Nice overflow patterns could
trickle down the other side(water fall, moss covered seeps etc)
 Can make for a much nicer looking overflow box:) The prefilter can be hidden
further down.

Tom Barr