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Re:The estimative index

Tom B wrote in April:

At issue here is the maintenance of the nutrient levels. The focus will be on 
4 groups, nitrate(NO3), phosphate(PO4), potassium(K) and the trace elements 
represented by iron(Fe) in a mixture with the other trace elements.Perhaps a 
better question is how close to a good range of nutrients do we have to be to 
have excellent plant growth and no algae?Using an "estimative index" the 
accuracy can be as follows:(+ or -) 5ppm of CO2 is fine in a 20-30ppm 
range.(+ or -)1ppm or so of NO3 is pretty reasonable.(+ or -)2ppm of K+ is 
pretty reasonable.(+ or -) 0.2ppm of PO4 is pretty reasonable(?)(+ or -) 
0.1ppm of Fe is reasonable(?)

I write:

My tank is doing well, thanks to this list, but I'm trying to get "optimal 
growth". I think my main issue is NO3. I have a lamotte test kit but am still 
curious if you need to multiply by 4.4 to get the correct reading. If this is 
so, how can you have your NO3 range + or - 1 ppm? Is their a better kit to 
have? I can tell between the 1 and 2 range, but that would mean 4.4 -8.8. Can 
you clarify how to use the kit or what kit you use to be able to interprit 
1ppm NO3?

Jeff Vamos
cessnabum1 at aol_com