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chlorinated water

>The point of my concern & the cause of that querrry was that the chemical
>available for neutralising chlorine is colourless & odourless, LFS might as
>well be giving me plain water in that bottle.

The Chemical is Sodium Thiosulfate, Since you are a Phd. you should have easy access to this.  Its a very inexpensive reagent.

>If I want to be doubly sure about removal of chlorine, will using water kept in a concrete enclosed tank for 24hrs serve the purpose?

Yes, but I should point out that if your sink tap has an aerator, then there is probably no chlorine in your water.  By analogy; when you run water into a tub or bucket it smells of chlorinated water.  This is the chlorine gas being driven off by the turbulence of being dispensed.  That means that little or no chlorine is left. And if you want to be doubly sure, add an airstone for a bit.  I don't ever dechlorinate.  I just fill a bucket and let it sit for an hour or so.

In fact, If I was going to paranoid about this, I would be more worried about the organic chloramine that is produced when the dissolved chlorine reacts with organic material in the tank.