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Re: light on aquariums

Hey gang,

The question of the day is: how does the watt per
gallon rule work?

It's simple....decide which type of bulb you like and
shoot for 2-4 watts per gallon. If your tank is
deeper, then shoot for more light. Also, surface area
is a consideration. A 40 gallon breeder will require
better coverage than a 40 gallon standard. Metal
halide or NO flourescent it doesn't matter. No one
uses incans anymore.  MH are just a better way of
getting more light onto a smaller area...this was
before PC's.

The most important thing is coverage. Get light into
all of the nooks and crannies. 

This topic has been beaten to death. The watt/gallon
rule is kinda silly. I know it's not going anywhere,
but it's not valid. Watt/surface area is a better
rule.  That's why *lower* light per gallon works on
bigger tanks. 

John Wheeler

p.s.....Incans grow the best plants with no CO2
injection. I've seen it myself. Especially swords.

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