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I don't know what I did...

I didn't really do anything. It came and went of its own accord in a

I had relatives coming, so last weekend (Sunday morning) I did a big
water change and pulled out all the dead leaves I could find, and filled
it up adding the traces as usual. The next day the grey stuff was showing
up, and up until tuesday/wednesday it kept growing. By then it was going
from one end of the tank to the other! But then it started receding, and
was just about gone by Saturday, when I siphoned out the last bits.

During this time I was too busy to do more than watch the algae grow and
feed the fish once a day. My best guess is that the plants were up to
something I don't know about. Allelochemicals? Nutrient competition? I
have no idea. I can give you more details on the setup if you're

Go figure... Now I don't have any bits left to send to Tom for DNA
analysis... ;-)



What, if anything, did you do that may have caused the
grey slime to disappear?  Either you stumbled into a
quick cure that has eluded some of us or we're talking
about two different things.  The real grey slime is
the WORST.  I had it for a while and killed it with a
blackout.  A while later I changed some bulbs and it
came back even stronger.  3 blackouts didn't do it
that time.  Nutrient management either.  No other
algae during the second outbreak.  Only the UV killed
it.  Care to comment Tom(C)?  It's still something of
a mystery to me.  Thankfully, one I no longer have to
deal with (fingers crossed).

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