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Tank Too Hot

There was a discussion of heat in tanks on Uniquaria last year and someone 
wrote that he/she just reversed the time the lights were on.  No lights 
during the heat of the day; lights during the cool of the night.  I'd been 
running fans over the water to keep the temp down and tried 
this.  Admittedly I live in Colorado where the daytime highs rarely go 
beyond the high 90's and the nights are considerably cooler.  It works very 
nicely for me and high temp has been no problem since.  The tanks are stll 
lit mornings and evenings when I'm home from work to enjoy them, so all I 
miss is having them on during the day on weekends.  I have a 7-gallon All 
Glass Mini-Bow at my office.  I thought since it was air conditioned there 
that I wouldn't have problems with that tanks, and in fact put White Clouds 
in it.  Wrong.  The building is so poorly maintained there is no 
consistency of temp summer or winter.  People are sitting on space heaters 
in winter and dying in the summer with fans on.  The air conditionining 
(and any ventiliation) was out for 3 days last summer in an office with 
windows that won't open.  I have a small fan sitting where it blows across 
the small opening in the hood on that tank 24/7.  There a lot of 
evaporation and when the office temp is where it should be the water 
probably cools to where the heater comes on, but it's the only way to avoid 
boiled fish.

Anyway, that's my low tech way of dealing with summer heat in two different 

Ellen O'Connell
Parker, CO
mailto:oconnel4 at ix_netcom.com