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Re: FINS Partners with FreshAddress.com!

I want to simply ask if this is honestly the work of the APD. I doubt it
is, but I want to check first.

FINS at freshaddress_com wrote:
> Dear jerrybaker at attbi_com,
> To ensure that Aquatic Plants Digest reaches you at your
> preferred email address, FINS has established a free
> and confidential service for you with our partner, FreshAddress.com,
> the Change of Email Address Service.
> Anytime you want to update your email address for FINS,
> simply go to:
> http://FreshAddress.com/home.cfm?from=C-aquatic-plants
> Your current preferred email address (your "FreshAddress") is set to:
> jerrybaker at attbi_com
> Your password was assigned as:
> FreshAddress.com offers other helpful features, which you may want to
> explore:
> -Have you changed your email address recently?  You can use
> FreshAddress.com to inform your friends and associates.
> -Using your personal "Subscription Manager", you can set your preferred
> email address for any other lists and websites that have partnered with
> FreshAddress.com.
> -Lost contact with someone?  Use FreshAddress.com to search for his/her
> current preferred email address.
> All of these features are easily accessible from the home page at:
> http://FreshAddress.com
> These FreshAddress.com services are free and your security is fully
> protected by their TRUSTe-approved privacy policy.
> Questions?  Confused?  Check out our Frequently Asked Questions at:
> http://FreshAddress.com/general/gfaq.cfm?faqtype=s&s=aquatic-plants
> Sincerely,
> FINS and FreshAddress.com
> p.s.  If you do not want this free and confidential service, click here:
> http://FreshAddress.com/c.cfm?i=if67231076jerrybaker&s=aquatic-plants
> ========================================================================
> FreshAddress.com - The Free Change of Email Address Registry
> http://FreshAddress.com - What's Your FreshAddress?
> [FA*invisv5*17837577*67231076jerrybaker*FA]

Jerry Baker