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Re: Re: FINS Partners with FreshAddress.com!

>>I want to simply ask if this is honestly the work of the APD. I doubt it
is, but I want to check first.<<

I cant believe this is coming up again...YES! You can read about the
relationship on the ACTWIN WEBsite. Actwin, as I understand it, hired this
company to somehow manage the email addresses of this list. Every subscriber
of this list can take advantage of certain services that this company offers
for free.  The company seems to presume all the subscribers know about this
service, so its not spam. But when people post their password for this
service on this list, it rather defeats the purpose! I wish Mark would
explain exactly what this service is and why anybody would want it or care
about it...and let Mark know people feel liked they are getting spammed!

Robert Paul Hudson