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Re: Skinny Moss

>Ghazanfar Ghori wrote:
> >>Java moss grows kind of funny in my tank. The
>strands get really skinny and thread-like with almost
>no branching, and the 'serrations' get so small - you
>really have to get up close before you see them.
>I gave a friend of mine some and it reverted back to
>thick and branchy. One difference between the tanks is
>that I've planted the moss in a high light
>area, while my friend has it planted in the 'shade' of
>an Amazon sword.<<
>I relate this growth to high heat. I have a 10 gallon
>loaded with your standard, run-of-the-mill, java moss.
>I moved some to a 29 that stays around 82-84 degrees,
>and it imeddiately began to put on the type of growth
>you describe. The light scheme is similar on the 2
>tanks so I'm not convinced it's light that would cause
>this growth.....
>Also, has anyone on the list ever seen a moss exibit
>a nutrient deficiency?
>John Wheeler

I have willow moss that puts on these type of skinny growth.  It has grown 
tall enough to be above water.  I think it's a light level thing.  If it's 
getting enough light, it probably think it's close enough to water surface, 
so it put out these vertical growth to get to the top.  These vertical 
growth quite resemble the above water look of moss.  Mine grows in a 
unheated tank where the room temperature is around 22 degree C.  I don't 
think it's temperature or nutrient deficiency.  But what do I 
know??  =)  Although I have never seen my java moss stretch and put on 
vertical growth, only the willow moss.

Bill Wu