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Re: skinny moss

Hey Gang,

Ghazanfar Ghori wrote:

>>Java moss grows kind of funny in my tank. The
strands get really skinny and thread-like with almost
no branching, and the 'serrations' get so small - you
really have to get up close before you see them.
I gave a friend of mine some and it reverted back to
thick and branchy. One difference between the tanks is
that I've planted the moss in a high light
area, while my friend has it planted in the 'shade' of
an Amazon sword.<<

I relate this growth to high heat. I have a 10 gallon
loaded with your standard, run-of-the-mill, java moss.
I moved some to a 29 that stays around 82-84 degrees,
and it imeddiately began to put on the type of growth
you describe. The light scheme is similar on the 2
tanks so I'm not convinced it's light that would cause
this growth.....

Also, has anyone on the list ever seen a moss exibit 
a nutrient deficiency? 

John Wheeler

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