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Another Sump Question

Is there a difference between a sump and a wet/dry filter?  Or are the two
names interchangable?  Which do you want on a planted tank?  I picture
something under my tank with bio balls and maybe my heater and a large pump
to send the water back to the tank above it.  Has anyone made a filter like
this out of rubbermaid and army men before.  That is kind of the picture
that I was thinking of.  I big rubbermaid container with a portion diveded
off and packed full of army men(instead of bio balls) maybe some kind of
floss and a drip tray above it, the water then spills into the bottom and
gets heated while it waits to be sent back into the tank and through the
rest of the plumbing into the tank to start over again.  If the isn't a good
idea can some one let me know and maybe tell me what I might use to make it
better.  I think the army men would be perfectly safe because they make them
with the idea that 7 out of 10 kids will chew one them and walk around with
the things in there mouth right, so they are probally not toxic in any way,
and the rubbermaid is alot cheaper than an amiracle so what do ya think....

Matt W.